Adventures in the Field Adventures in the Field Sometimes you find previous repairs that leave you scratching your head. Like a repinning job where the pins were left sticking out a couple millimeters or more, sometimes on both sides (the point is to get rid of unnecessary friction, not introduce it!). 173156711 Bad pinning This pin should be flush with the side of the flange. The entire midrange and much of the bass was like this. 173156710 SK7 Some days you're working on humble spinets. And some days you get to work on some great pianos. Like this Shigeru Kawai SK7. 173156713 My workplace. It's a rough life. :) 173156712 A Yamaha CFIII concert grand. My first concert grand tuning! I was awfully tempted to run through a good chunk of repertoire after I'd finished tuning. 173156714 Damn-pers Problem damper system in a Chickering quarter grand piano. 194339026 Good view Finishing up a tuning on a lovely new Mason & Hamlin BB. 194339027 Concert Prep Doing some fine string work on a Steinway D at Tanglewood. 194339028 Steinway D A view I'll never get tired of. 194339029 Steinway work Doing a little concert prep on a Steinway D at Tanglewood 194339030 Steinway D Action The action from a NY Steinway D 194339031 Tuning a Steinway D Tuning a Steinway D 194339032 Messy Gnarly bridge pins on an old Vose & Sons grand piano 194339504 Centennial A 111 year old Chickering upright in surprisingly good condition. 194339505 Beautiful A beautiful space to tune in. 194339506 Tuning present The 6 year old daughter of one of my clients presented me with this drawing after a tuning. It's a big heart playing a piano. 194339507