An unexpected gift

Posted by Adam Schulte-Bukowinski on July 27, 2014 at 11:15 AM

I arrived at a client's home to tune her piano, and her 6 year old daughter was extremely excited to have the piano tuned.  She looked on as I took off the case parts, and remarked with awe at how interesting the inside of the piano looked.  Once I got started tuning, she left me to my work, and was very careful to speak in a whisper if she needed to tell her mom something.  When I finish a tuning, I like to play a quick excerpt or two from a few pieces, both to check the tuning and as a little treat for the client.  When I finished my excerpt, the daughter came up to me, told me she wanted to give me a present, and handed me this:

It's a picture of a big heart playing the piano.  I usually don't get gifts for my tunings, but I was happy to accept this one!

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